A New View for NYTimes Photos
Upgrading Elasticsearch: Content API’s dual stack strategy
Poligraph: Building a fact-checking brand in Minnesota
How the Rouhani Meter fact-checks Iran's president from 6,000 miles away
Antebellum Data Journalism: Or, How Big Data Busted Abe Lincoln
Craig Silverman's new structured approach to covering Apple
Android Subtle Prompt library
Africa Check Editor to be First Visiting Fact-Checker at Duke
Duke students find skimpy, superficial coverage of Congress
Guardian Hack Day February 2015 – liveblog
No cold pizza: Notes from a structured journalism planning session
Fullstack 2014 - conference report
Compile-to-JavaScript languages
What to listen to next? jq to the rescue!
Building great products through anarchy
How we reimagined search for the Guardian app in one day
All the news that fits to print
One Year, 2,000+ Downloads: Here’s How Our Data Store Is Doing
From ‘Baloney’ to ‘Screaming Lies’: the extreme ratings of the world’s fact-checkers
Form 990 Documents Return to Nonprofit Explorer
Prout: is your pull request out?
Five months in software development at the Guardian - what we learned
Why learn about algorithms?
Scraping the web for Durham's 'cold cases'
What I Learned From My Fellowship at ProPublica
How does the Guardian recruit developers?
Fact-Checking Census finds continued growth around the world
How to Unit Test a RequireJS Application
Hour(s) of Code – inspiring the next generation
Reporting Recipe: How to Investigate Health Professionals
The Listener Guide to How To Cover Money, The Reynolds Center Podcast
The Week on Politwoops: Periscope eyes Meerkat
Just one week after delving into Meerkat, politicians are checking out Periscope, the latest app to live-stream video. Periscope, even though it onl...
Sports And Money: Business And The 2015 Cricket World Cup
10 things you can do to engage with open data (Part I)
From fixing pot holes to contacting your lawmakers and more, there are a lot of things you can do with open data. (Photos under creative commons l...
Entertaining Business: How The Voice Succeeds Without A Breakout Winner
Must Read Money Stories for Friday, March 27
We need your help today to bolster Senate e-filing
Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., one of the biggest propo">...
Unlike potential opponents, Ted Cruz starts playing by the presidential rules
Ted Cruz. (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/ Flickr) Shortly after midnight last Monday, Texas Republican Ted Cruz tweeted four magic words: “I’m...
Applications Now Open for Barlett & Steele Awards
McKeon's lobbying firm inks campaign contributor as client
Rep. McKeon delivering remarks on the USS California, the Republican chaired the Armed Services Committee from 2011 to 2014. (Image credit: Wikime...
Transportation and Money: Miami Lobbies For Flights To Asia
Newsonomics: BuzzFeed and The New York Times play Facebook’s ubiquity game
Intellectually, we all knew that the Internet was so big as to be virtually infinite. But it's hard to know what to do with that squishy concept. Then BuzzFe...
Millennials and Money: The Fight For Student Loan Forgiveness
Food And Money: Heinz Kraft, A Marriage Of American Brands
Jeff Israely: Good content marketing benefits from a smart publisher’s touch
On a recent trip down to Italy, I was thumbing through a thick copy of the Air France inflight magazine. As sleek and smartly organized as it was, the formul...
Must Read Money Stories for Thursday, March 26
Are Traditional Notions of Balance of Power Obsolete Because of Technology?
Sports And Money: ASU Students Prove Baseball Means Business
Detroit embraces transparency with new open data portal
(Photo credit: angai369/ Instagram) While there are many great things about the Motor City, Detroit has also unfortunately become synonymous wit...
How a hobby foreign affairs blog became a paywalled news destination — and a business
Like many journalism startups to emerge in recent years, the World Politics Review got its start because the kind of reporting its founder was interested in ...
A new Knight Foundation grant will support the Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowships at Harvard
I'm very happy to pass along a bit of Nieman news: The Knight Foundation has awarded a grant of $223,000 to the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard (...
Atavist revamps its publishing software to push design and readability to the fore
The web made it easier for anyone to put their writing out in the world. But what happens after the crowd gets used to becoming publishers? They want it to l...
A view of what “our possible media futures” might look like, out of The New York Times’ R&D Lab
Last night's news about news orgs publishing directly to Facebook wasn't a surprise, exactly " we've known this was in the works for months " but it's be...
Sunlight is hiring to expand local portfolio
Sunlight's map of state and local open data policies keeps growing! Be a part of our team and help lead the way. When the Sunlight Foundation wa...
A wave of distributed content is coming — will publishers sink or swim?
Last August, when BuzzFeed announced a new $50 million round of venture capital investment, a lot of journalists heard a new phrase for the first time: distr...
Lobbyists and contractors fete senators, fuel McConnell
McConnell speaking at CPAC, 2011; Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is known around Washington as a ten...
Downgrading the district: Why we're lowering D.C.'s legislative data score
Facebook wants to be the new World Wide Web, and news orgs are apparently on board
This valuable story in The New York Times would appear to indicate the platformization of news has reached a new level: In recent months, Facebook has been q...
Columbia Journalism School Showcase – Call for Applications
This is my next step: How The Verge wants to grow beyond tech blogging
What will it look like to hail an Uber from your wrist? How easy will it be to buy a ticket to see Avengers: Age of Ultron using your watch? And how might a ...
Odds and ends for March 25
Friday Random 10, NCAA Sunday edition
'What's the recourse if you make a mistake?' redux; or, shouting Cameron Todd Willingham's name from the rooftops
The Editorial Product
Odds and ends for March 13
Building Journalism With Community Starts With Building Trust
Odds and ends for March 9
Odds and ends for March 6
Closing the Gaps in Local News
Odds and ends for March 4
Odds and ends for Feb. 20
Odds and ends for Feb. 17,
Odds and ends for Feb. 16
Je Suis Charlie: Defending Freedom of Expression Depends on All of Us
The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014
Ten years ago today, I launched this blog
It's hard for me to remember what my career was like before I launched this blog on a whim 10 years ago this very night. Certainly the world of traditional ...
There is no value in working for free for publicity
10 Crowdfunding Lessons From The Radiotopia Kickstarter Campaign
Five Kinds of Listening for Newsrooms and Communities
How To Get Your News From Poems
Job: Help us learn how teaching works by visualizing millions of syllabi
Why Journalists Need to Take Reader Privacy More Seriously
What if Journalism Was Built for Inclusive Community Participation?
The Rise of Hands-On Journalism
How can I help?
What I learned at Build Peace, the first conference for technology and conflict resolution
Questions about the NYPD I cannot answer
Carnival of Journalism: Modernizing college media organizations
Dear Huffington Post, you get the commenters you deserve and real names won’t change that
Why I am so happy that I chose Flickr over Instagram for my photo of the day project
It’s the relationship, stupid
Journalists have to decide what to do about candidates who are climate change denialists
Claims that climate science is a hoax, that human action is not a factor: these are not defensible positions in a normal debate. They are ways of saying " ...
Today's Republicans: Traitors Or Psychopaths?
Sunday sampler
Google? Evil?
FAQ: Crowdsourcing, social media and investigative journalism
Another set of answers in response to questions from a student, as part of the FAQ series. This time, all about crowdsourcing and social media and their impa...
Beautiful journalism: Speaking truth to power
YouTube advice from Anna Gardner, Lily Pebbles and Hannah Witton (and tips playlist)
The highlight of this week's Rethink Media conference in Birmingham was undoubtedly the panel on YouTube, chaired by Hannah Witton with Anna Gardner and...
Now a police force is using Buzzfeed to publicise odd FOI requests
We've created a @BuzzFeed post showing some of the more 'unusual' FOI requests received! http:/ / t.co/ g3ktXNZBOo. pic.twitter.com/ p2cxoidatz " West Midl...
Audio: A new dawn in live video?
Last week Journalism.co.uk interviewed Tim Pool and yours truly for a podcast on Meerkat and livestreaming more broadly (I've previously written about my exp...
Smart Linebacker Wants To Stay Smart
no title
Who needs edittors?
Full stack credibility
There are benefits to operating a news site that not only publishes journalism you can trust, but extends trust production all the way through the start-up ...
Geeks Bearing Gifts: Advertising, the Myth of Mass Media, and the Relationship Strategy
Sunday sampler
NBC would be insane to let Brian Williams return
'Put yourself in Steve Burke’s chair. You have learned that the guy to whom your company gave the top job doesn’t really desire it...' Brian Stelter of C...
Cutting the copy desk
Data journalism in Peru: Convoca is “not just investigative, but educational”
After being involved in covering the Swiss Leaks scandal, Peruvian data journalism project Convoca is about to publish its first investigations, reports Anti...
Headless body in topless bar
If it bleeds, it leads
Geeks Bearing Gifts: Business Ecosystems
Sunday sampler
You Can Thank Me Later
What does the Twitter live streaming app Meerkat actually do?
Meerkat is, in Zoolander-speak, so hot right now. The Twitter live streaming app has been picking up thousands of users all week, with media coverage to matc...
The DailyMail.com content farm, pride vs cynicism, and 3 things that could happen next
James King's account of a year 'ripping off the web' at DailyMail.com is the latest in an ongoing drip-drip of uncomfortable revelations about how publishers...
Geeks Bearing Gifts: Beat Businesses as Building Blocks of News Ecosystems
All the single ladies: Office for National Statistics tests its social media strategy
If you want to know how to test what works in social media, the Office for National Statistics have put together one of the best pieces I've seen on the topi...
Investigative journalism: the best of times and the worst of times
Two posts this month painting very different pictures of investigative journalism in the second decade of the 21st century. On the Global Investigative Journ...
Journalism and Class Bias
I go long periods of time forgetting to update the oldest document on this website: my examination of structural bias in the news media. Jay Rosen's post at ...
Caroline Little is stepping down as CEO and President of Newspaper Association of America
Caroline LIttle will be leaving her job as president and CEO of the Newspaper Association of America at the end of August, NAA announced this afternoon. She ...
The New York Times linked John Bolton's op-ed to a story making the opposite case
The Intercept Yesterday, former United Nations ambassador John Bolton published an op-ed in the pages of The New York Times, arguing that the United States h...
ACES: AP's guidance on suicide terms shows sensitivity
ACES On Friday at the American Copy Editors Society conference, The Associated Press revealed some of the upcoming changes to the 2015 AP Stylebook, and amon...
Ex-News of the World reporter's conviction overturned
The Guardian | BBC News Yesterday, the United Kingdom's Court of Appeal threw out the conviction of a former News of the World reporter accused of paying a p...
AP hasn't decided what to do about 'Redskins' yet
The Associated Press is mulling over usage of the term 'Redskins' as it relates to the Washington, D.C. football team, but have not decided whether to make a...
Forbes writer on moving newsroom to New Jersey: Food courts can really make you think
Forbes Last December, Forbes Media left Manhattan and moved its newsroom to Jersey City, taking advantage of a $27 million tax grant in return for bringing a...
NPR editor: be careful using 'suicide' in Germanwings case
NPR Mark Memmott, standards and practices editor at NPR, gave journalists there two reasons to be cautious of the word 'suicide' to describe the death of And...
AP Stylebook change: BLT is now acceptable on first reference
BLT. Delicious and OK on first reference. On Friday morning, people at the American Copy Editors Society conference will get a preview of some of the changes...
NYT reporter Tanzina Vega moves to CNN Politics
New York Times reporter Tanzina Vega will join CNN Politics to cover the intersection of technology, politics and civil rights, according to a Friday staff m...
What Periscope saw
Good morning. Here are 10 media stories. Periscope's first day On Thursday, Twitter's live-streaming app Periscope came out on iTunes and journalists quic...
Why scientists often hate records requests
The shadow side of sunlight laws
James Hamblin: A fresh perspective for health journalism
The Atlantic editor has accumulated a loyal following with his video series "If Our Bodies Could Talk"
Is national media ignoring local science fraud?
Instances are being covered as local stories rather than as data points in a national narrative
Database may uncover conflicts of interest for TV doctors
Free lunches, paid speaking gigs & free drug samples are often not disclosed by media physicians
The Texas school board isn't as powerful as you think
Its textbook clout has waned but reporters are still writing as though it hasn't
Will radio save science journalism?
WNYC will soon have a new health unit
Climate change coverage at a crossroads in Australia
Conservative news outlets News Corp and Fairfax Media tend to control the message
A digital transformation for Science
In transitioning to a new magazine model, the publication's challenges are familiar
BP's aggressive PR strategy obfuscates facts
The company's flack blurs lines between journalism and company mission
Why media probably shouldn't name Ebola victims
Ebola's made its American sufferers famous--but what do we gain with personal details?
Here's how to produce strong Ebola stories
The most effective coverage of the first American case has stemmed from the steady hands of experienced--and highly credible--federal medical leaders as well...
Has climate change become a business story?
The cost of brushing science aside
The media's growing interest in how animals think
The more divorced we become from animals in our daily lives, the more we want to look at them online
A long-time science reporter wrote a questionable book on genetics. Can we trust his other work?
The case of Nicholas Wade and reporting on a lively field with a dishonorable past
The newest tool in teaching about climate change: the weatherman
A South Carolina pilot project expands