At the Global Fact-Checking Summit, a call to look ahead
Snapshot of fact-checking around the world, July 2015
Week 6 of Structured Stories: Could we do this from a warehouse in Durham?
Week 5 of Structured Stories NYC: The pros and cons of leaving the office
Dashboards and journalism: why we need to do better
Week 4 of Structured Stories NYC: Thinking like 'structured journalists'
Data journalism isn't just a technical skill – it's a cultural one too
Week 3 of Structured Stories NYC: Getting the hang of it
Week 2 of Structured Stories NYC: Nouns, verbs and learning to write again
Week 1 of Structured Stories NYC: Unlocking the atoms of news
Structured Stories NYC: an experiment in local news
Africa Check's Julian Rademeyer: A career of digging
Peru data journalism project Convoca launches interactive tool on mining infractions
Extracting Structured Data From Recipes Using Conditional Random Fields
How to: clean a converted PDF using Open Refine
Purifying the Sea of PDF Data, Automatically
A New View for NYTimes Photos
How to Unit Test a RequireJS Application
The 10 most-read posts (and one page) on the Online Journalism Blog in 2014
TimesOpen Hack Day 2014
Embracing HTTPS
Programming Language or Shakespeare Character?
Girls Who Code
Real-World Development
Getting Groovy With Reactive Android
FAQ: Do you need new ethics for computational journalism?
Build an Open Source Community Platform With New York Times, Washington Post and Mozilla
EMR Streaming in Go
Improving Article Accessibility
Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS
So a hacker brought down your news site. Now what? New York magazine found out today
So let's say you're a New Yorkâ€"based publication which has just published the words and portraits of 35 women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape â€" on yo...
Gimlet wants to become the “HBO of podcasting” — here’s what its founder’s learned trying to get there
Last summer, radio reporter Alex Blumberg made a decision that, by his own admission, was 'crazy.' Blumberg â€" known for his work with Planet Money, which h...
OpenGov Voices: More openness, less secrecy
Fritz Schwarz, chief counsel of the Brennan Center Since the 1950s, America has slipped into more and more secrecy, a trend that was particularl...
Can Campbell Brown’s education news site walk the advocacy–journalism tightrope?
The newcomer to education news outlets has a not-so-new name attached to it: Campbell Brown, veteran television reporter and former CNN and NBC News anchor, ...
Must Read Money Stories For Monday, July 27
DNC retreats, lifts ban on money from lobbyists and PACs
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, speaks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. (Photo credit: C...
Sports And Money: Why The MLB Trade Deadline Is So Important
Despite earmark ban, local governments hope for help from highway bill
(Photo credit: Taber Andrew Bain/ Flickr) The death of earmarks might make it more difficult for federal lawmakers to introduce old school pork-...
Sports And Money: ESPN's Future After Big Names Leave
Trouble in paradise? How the struggles of two Hawaiian paywalls reflect larger industry trends
It was billed as the Pugnacious Polynesian Paywall Punch-Up. Honolulu Civil Beat, a local news site backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, launched in 2010 w...
Must Read Money Stories For Friday, July 24
Large amounts of money are going to presidential candidates, but not directly
More money has been raised for presidential candidates in the first six months of the 2016 election cycle than in the same period during the previous two pr...
Newsonomics: Eight questions (and answers) about Nikkei’s surprise purchase of the FT
Is Nikkei the new Axel Springer of Asia? Is $1.3 billion as ridiculous a price as the $5 billion Rupert Murdoch paid for Dow Jones? How did the turn from Ber...
Citing “an inflection point in global media,” Pearson sells the Financial Times to Nikkei
'What the FT really needed was to be part of an organization absolutely focused on journalism,' Pearson CEO John Fallon told reporters in a media call Thursd...
A Look Behind The Numbers On Rising Home Sales
The right to see
(Photo credit: West Midlands Police/ Flickr) The Sandra Bland case arrived in national media first with the news of her death in police custody....
Food And Money: The Big Problem Of Wasting Food
One of the best things a news startup can do for its financial health: Hire a professional ad person
A new report from the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, out Thursday, interviewed 22 digital publishers, most of which launched in the last 1...
Must Read Money Stories For Thursday, July 23
Consent decrees open police data, but for a limited time only
Who polices the police? (Photo credit: Joe Gratz/ Flickr) Well, since the enactment of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act a...
Newsonomics: How much is the Financial Times worth, and who might buy it?
If you wanted to buy a top business news publisher, which one would you choose? Assuming the marketplace offered you choice, would you go the newer-media rou...
“People like a website without advertising”: The thinking behind a newspaper’s ad-free membership
Yesterday we wrote about The Salt Lake Tribune's new membership program, but even after that post went live, we had more questions about the specifics of the...
Visual Business: The World's Most Valuable Sports Teams
Why don’t The New York Times (and other news organizations) link out to sources more often?
Like many other news organizations, The New York Times wrote about the recent high-profile resignations at Gawker (here's the link), and like a few others, i...
The new Knight News Challenge winners want to make voting easier and election data clearer
An archive of campaign speeches, improved exit polling, and technology designed to make voting more accessible are among some of the ideas just announced as ...
O Canada: The Weak Loonie Raises Tourism Hopes
NewsLynx – Launching, Installing and Lynxing at SRCCON
Must Read Money Stories For Wednesday, July 22
Computer security tools for journalists lacking in a post-Snowden world
Disclosure Today is shining a fresh light on Trinidad and Tobago’s politics
Just like many other nations, Trinidad and Tobago, a resource-rich country from Latin America, has serious issues with the accountability and transp...
Happy birthday …
Odds and ends for July 17
Odds and ends for July 17
Consultant-speak; or, Weapons-grade bullshit
Why newsrooms should train their communities in verification, news literacy, and eyewitness media
On the evil of niceness
Words and numbers in journalism: How to tell when your story needs data
Depending how your dream goes
New Collaboration Focuses on Building Verification Resources for Journalists and Citizens
Odds and ends for June 4
Odds and ends for June 3
Odds and ends for June 1
Odds and ends for May 29
Building Journalism With Community, Not For It
A Secret History of Unmanned Bombing
The Art of the Commons
The Editorial Product
Building Journalism With Community Starts With Building Trust
Closing the Gaps in Local News
Je Suis Charlie: Defending Freedom of Expression Depends on All of Us
The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014
Ten years ago today, I launched this blog
It's hard for me to remember what my career was like before I launched this blog on a whim 10 years ago this very night. Certainly the world of traditional ...
There is no value in working for free for publicity
10 Crowdfunding Lessons From The Radiotopia Kickstarter Campaign
Job: Help us learn how teaching works by visualizing millions of syllabi
How can I help?
What I learned at Build Peace, the first conference for technology and conflict resolution
Questions about the NYPD I cannot answer
Carnival of Journalism: Modernizing college media organizations
Dear Huffington Post, you get the commenters you deserve and real names won’t change that
When newspapers don't care about their customers
Sunday sampler
16 areas where publishers can learn from retail: shopping news
After decades as a business reporter and shopping correspondent John Cokley has turned his attention to the news business in the book Shopping News. In a spe...
In the wake of Ashley Madison, towards a journalism ethics of using hacked documents
Last week I said we needed an ethical code for dealing with hacking leaks, and promised to explore that. Now yet another site â€" 'casual sex and cheating ne...
Huffington Post says it will frame Trump's campaign as entertainment. I support that.
'Newsrooms should be more up front with us about how they classify the candidates. Can't even take the guy seriously? Tell us!' This was the entire announcem...
Sunday sampler
The people are at Facebook & Twitter; where are you?
Exploding our ideas of membership: A CUNY summit
Why Hacking Team could be the biggest story of the year – and why it won’t
An #infographic detailing what @privacyint have learned from the #hackingteam hack. Pls RT! J4Q8z2FPmJ â€" PrivacyInternational (@privacyint...
How (not) to interview
Do hyperlocal and student websites fall foul of the new press regulator and libel laws?
Nick Booth left a Press Recognition Panel consultation under the impression that non profit hyperlocals were going to be exposed by the new regulation syst...
The state of hyperlocal
Sunday sampler
Hyperlocals and the BBC: contribute to a consultation
The BBC are launching a consultation with hyperlocal websites on how it can 'work in partnership' as part of its Local Journalism Working Group. From the an...
An object lesson for native content makers
Grayson County Fiddlers' Convention 2015
Two days of intermittent thunderstorms, rain and high winds didn't chase away all the competitors â€" or spectators â€" at the 2015 Grayson County Fiddlers' ...
Dashboards and journalism: why we need to do better
Last month I watched the founder of OpenOil, Johnny West, talk via video link about a dashboard he had designed to help people more effectively report on gov...
Readers may love newspapers, but newspapers won't love them back
'I need people who can make good decisions without tilting it toward the forms they learned on or the skills they identify themselves with.'
I often ask editors and executives at news companies what kind of people they're looking to hire. These two answers I get a lot. The first: 'Know any develop...
Sunday sampler
'Love wins' and other N.C. front pages
I Raise My Glass To All Those Now Able To Celebrate Marriage — Filled With The Sweet, Sweet Liquor Of Scalia's Tears
Keeping up to date with FOI and open data: new mailing list launched
Matt Burgess, the man behind FOI Directory (and the former editor of Help Me Investigate Education) has launched a new weekly email newsletter providing ...
Guest post: hyperlocal Groundhog Day – why policy makers need to support UK hyperlocal media (and how)
In a guest post for OJB, Damian Radcliffe argues that the need for policy makers to support hyperlocal publishers is stronger than ever â€" and explains ju...
How to: calculate or find rankings in spreadsheets using RANK, LARGE and SMALL
The ebook version of this tutorial includes a dataset and exercise to employ these techniques. Right at the start of my book on Excel for journalists I talk ...
Data journalism isn’t just a technical skill – it’s a cultural one too
When people talk about data journalism the emphasis is almost always on the technicalities of the role: visualisation tools and spreadsheet formulae; scrapin...
Sunday sampler
The announcement that NBC did not make about Brian Williams getting a second chance there.
They had an opportunity to rid themselves of toxic anchorman syndrome and credibility collapse via celebrity behavior. But no... This from Jonathan Mahler is...
We Have A Problem With Guns
Sunday sampler
Leah Finnegan to leave Gawker amid buyouts
Leah Finnegan, Gawker's features editor, announced on Monday she is leaving the site as Gawker Media offers buyouts and realigns itself around new editorial ...
A former journalist created a site to help journalists find experts
Screen shot, Expertise Finder Stavros Rougas and Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh created a site a few years ago to help journalists find academic experts. Originally ca...
New York magazine demonstrates digital alacrity in face of alleged cyber attack
Hours after New York published its powerful cover story containing testimony from 35 women who said they were assaulted by comedian Bill Cosby, the site was ...
Trump might be ‘Entertainment', but HuffPost is still writing about him. A lot.
On July 17, the Huffington Post announced that Donald Trump's presidential campaign was a 'sideshow' and will be a part of its entertainment section. Instead...
Huffington Post stoutly defends Trump coverage decision
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a news conference, Saturday, July 25, 2015, in Oskaloosa, Iowa. (AP Photo/ Charlie Neibergall) E...
William Arkin critiques Gawker story on the way out
William Arkin, the founder of Gawker Media's national security site, announced on Twitter Monday he is leaving the company during a round of buyouts offered ...
New York Times public editor: Clinton story 'fraught with inaccuracies'
The New York Times A New York Times story that originally reported government officials had requested a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handl...
Lost newsroom sounds, part 3
Peta Pixel Let's add the photo transmitter to our growing collection of lost newsroom sounds. On Sunday, Michael Zhang wrote about United Press Internationa...
Morning Roundup: New York Times knockout nails expose gets examined by an alum
Good morning. Paper hits back as former Times reporter raises doubts The paper's eye-catching expose of widespread exploitation in the nail salon business i...
Career Beat: Deb Monroe named news director at KION
Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community: Deb Monroe will be news director at KION in Salinas, California. Previously, she w...
Why scientists often hate records requests
The shadow side of sunlight laws
James Hamblin: A fresh perspective for health journalism
The Atlantic editor has accumulated a loyal following with his video series "If Our Bodies Could Talk"
Is national media ignoring local science fraud?
Instances are being covered as local stories rather than as data points in a national narrative
Database may uncover conflicts of interest for TV doctors
Free lunches, paid speaking gigs & free drug samples are often not disclosed by media physicians
The Texas school board isn't as powerful as you think
Its textbook clout has waned but reporters are still writing as though it hasn't
Will radio save science journalism?
WNYC will soon have a new health unit
Climate change coverage at a crossroads in Australia
Conservative news outlets News Corp and Fairfax Media tend to control the message
A digital transformation for Science
In transitioning to a new magazine model, the publication's challenges are familiar
BP's aggressive PR strategy obfuscates facts
The company's flack blurs lines between journalism and company mission
Why media probably shouldn't name Ebola victims
Ebola's made its American sufferers famous--but what do we gain with personal details?
Here's how to produce strong Ebola stories
The most effective coverage of the first American case has stemmed from the steady hands of experienced--and highly credible--federal medical leaders as well...
Has climate change become a business story?
The cost of brushing science aside
The media's growing interest in how animals think
The more divorced we become from animals in our daily lives, the more we want to look at them online
A long-time science reporter wrote a questionable book on genetics. Can we trust his other work?
The case of Nicholas Wade and reporting on a lively field with a dishonorable past
The newest tool in teaching about climate change: the weatherman
A South Carolina pilot project expands