The Week on Politwoops: A senator takes down a King
Deleted photo via Politwoops. On this week's roundup of notable deleted tweets archived on Politwoops, we go ringside with a senator, collect do...
Opening the municipal checkbooks
Image Credit: One of government's most basic functions is collecting and spending money. There's a reason budgets and spending ar...
OpenGov Voices: A tale of working Eastern European democracy in the Czech Republic
Jiří Skuhrovec, head of the Centre for Applied Economics in the Czech Republic. Petr Nečas was elected as the prime minister of the Czech Rep...
Entertaining Business: The Super Bowl means big TV sales
Calling all teachers: how to use our podcast in your class
Millennials and Money: who are the losers?
Must Read Money Stories for Friday, Jan. 23
Help us build an evidence base on the social impact of open data!
Photo by Flickr user Justin Grimes Talking about the economic benefit of open data is one good way to describe open data’s impact, and provides a "gre...
Silver arrest shows need for more robust state disclosure
Boss Tweed as illustrated by Thomas Nast. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons In reporting the arrest of New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ...
Campaign reformers: Tighten coordination rules first
Image credit: Sunlight Foundation. Five years after the Supreme Court's infamous Citizens United decision, unlimited outside money has muscled i...
8 new OpenGov Grants start 2015 on a high note
January brings a bright new year " and eight new Sunlight OpenGov Grants! These open-source projects and tools are opening up data and government informat...
What do we want? Data about police practice!
Photo Credit: Ian Britton For those following developments in police accountability, last week was a good week. The most momentous news surely h...
U.S. journalists, the clock is ticking: January 31 is the deadline to apply for a Nieman Fellowship
If there's one thing most journalists learn to deal with, it's deadlines. They may not be quite as cruelly enforced in online journalism as in print or broad...
Millennials and Money: who are the winners?
Enterprise data inventories should be open — not hidden from the public
Image credit: iStockPhoto Over the past several years, the Sunlight Foundation has spent a lot of time talking about the need for governments to...
Newsonomics: How deep is the newspaper industry’s money hole?
How big a hole is the U.S. daily newspaper industry in? We know the toll in newsroom jobs " about 20,000 lost in a little under a decade " and the fact t...
Don’t try too hard to please Twitter — and other lessons from The New York Times’ social media desk
The past year brought major changes to The New York Times. The social media desk's editors joined a new department, Audience Development. Our team gained new...
Why Max Scherzer's mega-contract isn't all that sweet
Must Read Money Stories for Thursday, Jan. 22
Attorney General Holder: Use open data to fix habeas corpus laws
Dear Attorney General Eric Holder, When I decided to become a lawyer, it was because people like you existed. You made the legal profession seem like the ri...
What does Facebook’s new tool for fighting fake news mean for real publishers?
Facebook announced yet another tweak to the algorithm that governs its users' News Feeds yesterday. The social network has introduced a new tool that allows ...
Welcome Mark Remillard, Reynolds Podcast Executive Producer
Can Ratter turn local news into national headlines?
Between early rumblings around who would run for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat and the 49ers ending their search for a new head coach, there was no shortage of...
Dark money flows as Citizens United marks its fifth anniversary
Must Read Money Stories for Wednesday, Jan. 21
From explainers to sounds that make you go “Whoa!”: The 4 types of audio that people share
Chances are you'll listen to this audio " or at least 56 percent of you will: That's what our experiments in making audio more sharable have shown so far. ...
Hacking Journalism spent the weekend reimagining video — here’s what they came up with
What, exactly, would Tinder for video discovery look like? How do you wrangle all the live video around a story across social networks? And is it possible to...
Fact-checking sites continue to grow in number around the world
A new census from Duke's Reporters' Lab says that fact-checking sites are on the rise worldwide: The 2015 Fact-Checking Census from the Duke Reporters’ Lab...
The future still looks pretty grim for free print daily newspapers
You may remember a year ago I posted this short piece that detailed the decline of free daily newspapers in Europe. ('Remember how, a few years ago, some tho...
The NewsLynx Tool For Impact Tracking: a Walkthrough
Odds and ends for Jan. 25
Happy birthday …
Je Suis Charlie: Defending Freedom of Expression Depends on All of Us
Je suis Charlie
In which I invite Frederick County (Md.) Council Member Kirby Delauter to sue me
The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014
Today I turn 55.
Letters to the Editor, edited, for a change
Anti-police? Or pro-police, pro-public?
Ten years ago today, I launched this blog
It's hard for me to remember what my career was like before I launched this blog on a whim 10 years ago this very night. Certainly the world of traditional ...
Get a clue: Your tender fee-fees do not trump HUMAN LIFE
(Pop) art, life, and American journalism
The Senate torture report
There is no value in working for free for publicity
10 Crowdfunding Lessons From The Radiotopia Kickstarter Campaign
Five Kinds of Listening for Newsrooms and Communities
How To Get Your News From Poems
Job: Help us learn how teaching works by visualizing millions of syllabi
Why Journalists Need to Take Reader Privacy More Seriously
What if Journalism Was Built for Inclusive Community Participation?
The Rise of Hands-On Journalism
Thirteen Questions About the Future of Participatory Journalism
Finding a Better Way to Track Journalist Arrests in the United States
How can I help?
What I learned at Build Peace, the first conference for technology and conflict resolution
Questions about the NYPD I cannot answer
Carnival of Journalism: Modernizing college media organizations
Dear Huffington Post, you get the commenters you deserve and real names won’t change that
Why I am so happy that I chose Flickr over Instagram for my photo of the day project
Where are my photos of the day? On social media
Sunday sampler
Who had the French Laundry's stolen wine?
Malachy Browne’s tips on verification – in 12 tweets
Malachy Browne is Managing Editor and Europe Anchor of social media reporting project, and formerly news editor of social media news agency-sla...
Media = content + people
How college students get the news
A brief sketch of the 'full stack' (intellectually speaking…) news and information company.
Meaning: it has its own way of doing things, its own ideas about what is worth doing, and it implements them from end to end. I was talking to a media execut...
What Could Possibly Go Wrong
Spanish version of data journalism book now live: “Excel para periodistas”
A Spanish translation of my ebook 'Finding Stories in Spreadsheets' is now live. The book is available for an initial special discount price of $4.99 for '...
Annals of Gobsmackery
Social media: Where to find college students
#Hyperlocal Voices: Niall Norbury, Alt Reading
To kick off our Hyperlocal Voices series for 2015 Damian Radcliffe hears from Niall Norbury, Editor of Alt Reading. A relative newcomer to the scene, the o...
Guess The Complexion Of The Shooter
A Sunday Nerd Humor Break
Sunday sampler
We Are (Mostly) Star Dust
FAQ: Investigative journalism now – and its future
The latest in the series of FAQ posts comes from a student in Germany who is interested in how investigative journalism is affected by the financial situatio...
A (brief) banking theory of newsroom trust.
The less help you give me in the tricky act of extending my trust to you, the more likely you are to wind up with a negative balance. In this short post I wa...
Guest post: 10 lessons from data journalism training
Following my post on data journalism teaching fellow trainer Peter Verweij got in touch to share a post which first appeared on his blog earlier this mo...
Is data journalism teaching repeating the same mistakes as online journalism teaching?
Is data journalism teaching repeating the same mistakes of online journalism teaching? It's a genuine question: I don't know the answer, but I'm seeing some ...
“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read?”
Apparently not: 'It seems more likely that if Cameron succeeded in getting end-to-end encryption banned that many affected companies would simply cease to of...
Report: Journalism, media and technology predictions 2015
Last month I blogged about some reflections on 2014 I'd given to Nic Newman as part of his annual ring-round. Now his 39-page report on Journalism, media an...
Geeks Bearing Gifts: Reinventing TV News
When you want to call a commenter an asshole
3 ways to pitch ideas to an editor
How do you pitch ideas to editors as a journalist and get work? When I was asked this question recently I realised there tend to be three broad approaches....
Sunday sampler
FAQ: How Twitter has changed journalism; how journalism has stayed the same
This weekend's FAQ comes from a journalism student who is writing her dissertation on the relevance of Twitter as a news source. As always I'm publishing m...
Images are powerful, but they need to be seen
Free speech is not a privilege. It is a journalistic responsibility.
Offense, Speech, Redress
Nous Sommes Tous Charlie
The end of Modern Farmer?
An award-winning magazine struggles to connect with readers
Database may uncover conflicts of interest for TV doctors
Free lunches, paid speaking gigs & free drug samples are often not disclosed by media physicians
The Texas school board isn't as powerful as you think
Its textbook clout has waned but reporters are still writing as though it hasn't
Will radio save science journalism?
WNYC will soon have a new health unit
Climate change coverage at a crossroads in Australia
Conservative news outlets News Corp and Fairfax Media tend to control the message
A digital transformation for Science
In transitioning to a new magazine model, the publication's challenges are familiar
BP's aggressive PR strategy obfuscates facts
The company's flack blurs lines between journalism and company mission
Why media probably shouldn't name Ebola victims
Ebola's made its American sufferers famous--but what do we gain with personal details?
Here's how to produce strong Ebola stories
The most effective coverage of the first American case has stemmed from the steady hands of experienced--and highly credible--federal medical leaders as well...
Has climate change become a business story?
The cost of brushing science aside
The media's growing interest in how animals think
The more divorced we become from animals in our daily lives, the more we want to look at them online
A long-time science reporter wrote a questionable book on genetics. Can we trust his other work?
The case of Nicholas Wade and reporting on a lively field with a dishonorable past
The newest tool in teaching about climate change: the weatherman
A South Carolina pilot project expands
As Congress scolded him, Dr. Oz launched a magazine
The Good Life is less inflammatory than the doctor's television show, but the line between ad and editorial is murky
Narrating climate change
Incremental journalism isn't driving home the dire state of the climate to the public, so researchers and outlets are trying to reach them through a shift in...