Philly Ad Sleuthing: Republicans are gamers; Democrats like gossip
A map of the station boundaries for KYW-TV, a CBS affiliate in Philadelphia. Source: Candidates for office and other political advertisers droppe...
First Look Media changes course on “digital magazines”
First Look Media is changing up its launch plans and publishing strategy, stepping back from the concept of multiple digital 'magazines' in favor of strength...
In the (appropriate!) shift to mobile, is desktop sometimes being abandoned too quickly?
https:/ / wblau/ statuses/ 492639084549251072
Musicians, writers, designers and ... a big donor?
Megadonor Jeffrey Katzenberg made Sunlight's list of Stealthy Wealthy. (Sketch by Lindsay Young/ Sunlight Foundation) The list of National Medal...
Take these lessons from the rubble of Thunderdome
http:/ / 2014/ 04/ the-newsonomics-of-digital-first-medias-thunderdome-implosion-and-coming-sale/ ?relatedstory
Helping readers make business sense of global turmoil
Today in #OpenGov 7/28/2014
Keep reading for today's look at #OpenGov news, events, and analysis, including the Office of Congressional Ethics calling out illegal lobbying for the firs...
G8 Open Data Charter Action Plan: Open data by default, but you may have to pay
Image credit: Flickr Commons While the G7 (previously G8) countries pledged to make data “open by default and “usable by all last summer, many of ...
The newsonomics of NPR One and the dream of personalized public radio
http:/ / about/ products/ npr-one/
Courting donors in the dark: Mapping Obama's closed door fundraisers
Although President Barack Obama’s administration touts its support of an open and transparent government, there’s been a glaring exception: opening up...
A lesson learned from the beleaguered NTIS
Director of the NTIS, Hon. Bruce Borzino, testifies Wednesday. Image credit: Fedscoop “Our goal here is to eliminate you as an agency. Sen. Tom Coburn...
OpenGov Voices: Fracking chemicals, open data, and government transparency
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the guest blogger and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinions of the Sunlight Founda...
The newsonomics of how and why
http:/ / article/ media/ 2014/ 06/ 8547276/ checking-wonk-wars
Today in #OpenGov 7/25/14
Keep reading for today's look at #OpenGov news, events, and analysis, including recently released guidelines for placing individuals on the No-Fly List, dif...
Influence Analytics: Politicians weighing in against expanded wetlands protection
Welcome to another edition of "Influence Analytics," a recurring series on trends in lobbying and regulations " on and off Capitol Hill " that Sunlight...
Twitter is public, but who does that benefit?
http:/ / jtes/ sexual-assault-survivors-answer-the-question-what-were-you-w
How accessible are executive orders in each of the 50 states?
Image credit: Flickr/ Jay Inslee What do weather disasters, new educational mandates and drilling for gas on state land have in common? All of them can ...
NowThis News drops the News from its name
http:/ /
It’s time to apply for a visiting Nieman Fellowship
http:/ /
Prisoners as consumers: Behind bars is some big business
A new Guardian interactive tells the story of World War I in seven languages
http:/ / world/ ng-interactive/ 2014/ jul/ 23/ a-global-guide-to-the-first-world-war-interactive-documentary
The basics of guerrilla journalism
Weird Al Yankovic takes on business lingo in latest video
Is the river behind your house rising? A British Twitter bot will tell you
http:/ / about/
When a digital subscription costs more than a print one
http:/ / 2014/ 07/ paying-for-the-paywall-at-the-news-record/
From Grumpy Cat to Ukraine: How Mashable is expanding beyond gadgets and apps
http:/ / 2014/ 07/ 17/ malaysia-airlines-ukraine/ ?utm_cid=mash-com-Tw-main-link
The world of fandom – Comi-Cons – is ripe for financial stories
Microsoft layoff news prompts a look at job cuts
Data visualization is good. Data visualization that works on your phone is better.
Two of the biggest trends in news today: the rise of mobile and the rise of data visualization. The unfortunate reality is that they're often in conflict. To...
CIR wants to turn investigative reporting into a weekly public radio show with Reveal
http:/ / pieces/ 103217
The shadow of the U.S. Constitution crosses our state line
Happy birthday …
Journalism = bullshit detection, and it's not like we couldn't use more of that.
Your must-read on the Probation Department case
Josh Stearns on local journalism and sustainability
Sale of ProJo a lost opportunity for local ownership
Why Murdoch could prove to be the savior of CNN
A proud day for Gov. Patrick and for Massachusetts
If only the public flaying were not metaphorical
Public media trade site takes note of Muzzles' new home
A nuanced, layered story that is almost about race
A harrowing case of sexual assault on campus
Footbridge over the Ipswich River
Globe's Catholic site, downtown move are getting closer
Ready for my close-up, I guess.
Why the SCOTUS Cellphone Decision is a Win for Press Freedom
In which John Oliver shows Dr. Oz how to pander without making potentially life-threatening medical claims
N.C. seeks to immunize pension-fund managers, banks from criminal liability
How can I help?
John Oliver on Journalism and Comedy
And while we're on the subject of Iraq …
Harry Reid on Dick Cheney on Obama on Iraq; or, All mistakes are created equal
The things they carried
Fighting for Access: New Report on the State of Media Credentialing Practices in the United States
The Ethics of Sensor Journalism: Community, Privacy and Control
On Memorial Day, An Old Briefcase Reveals a Remarkable History
Poem: I Circle Around but the Sky Changes
The FCC’s Public Problem
From Troll Whispering to Community Building: Practical Lessons in Engagement from ProPublica, WNYC and WFMU
We Make The Road By Walking: Local Journalism and Building Community
First Look Media shifts direction some
And has none of this figured out. Pierre Omidyar published a blog post today that gave an update on First Look Media, the company he started with Glenn Green...
How Is This Not Manslaughter?
Sunday sampler
Stupid..and Smart
Paying for the paywall at the News & Record
Reason Number Gazillion I Thank The FSM For The 2008 Election Result
My New Favorite Mayor…
Sunday sampler
No silver bullets
Hyperlocal Voices: Matthew Duffy, Coventry Culture
Not all hyperlocal sites cover everything that's happening in the patch, some focus on specific subject areas. The latest in our series of Hyperlocal Voices ...
Four examples of different threat models
My post on threat models for journalists is quite lengthy, so I thought I'd put the sample threat models from that in their own, separate post. Here they ar...
Why every journalist should have a threat model (with cats)
If you're a journalist in the 21st century you have two choices: you can choose to be paranoid, or you can choose to be delusional. The paranoid journalist...
NPR downgrades and disables its ombudsman
'NPR is far stronger than this short-sighted and half-assed decision suggests. It has nothing to fear from an empowered ombudsman.' UPDATED FOUR TIMES, JULY ...
Sunday sampler
Send your comment to the FCC on net neutrality. Here’s mine.
Why add stress to your audience?
SEO recruiters look for journalists as Google gets fussier
In a guest post for OJB, Nick Chowdrey looks at why increasing numbers of SEO agencies are hiring journalists. As online marketing and search engine opt...
Over 1000 journalists are now exploring scraping techniques. Incredible.
Last week the number of people who have bought my ebook Scraping for Journalists passed the 1,000 mark. That is, to me, incredible. A thousand journalis...
Making digital journalism pay: doable. Making a living: difficult
SA Mathieson, who has previously written for OJB about crowdfunding journalism, was one of three speakers at an NUJ Oxford event on how to make digital jou...
Too Dumb To Live: Meet The Pre-Darwin Award Contenders
My New Favorite Judge
Pantry Sniffing
Staffordshire Council just made a very persuasive case for the value of Freedom of Information
Yesterday Staffordshire County Council controversially published details of 'The cost of 'Freedom of Information' to local people'. The titling of that pag...
Paying for journalism: Community-based crowdfunding
Curation vs aggregation, and why news organisations can’t be ‘the next LinkedIn’
What does it mean to be a platform? Time Inc's M Scott Havens is the latest to express a desire to move into the platform industry, telling The Guardian: ...
BBC College of Journalism website now available outside the UK
The BBC College of Journalism has announced that their site will now be available to users outside of the UK. The site features a wealth of content includ...
The disappearing front page story
Sunday sampler
‘We need blogging, video, audio, or social media’ – and that’s just for an internship
The Spectator is advertising for interns, and the message is loud and clear on digital skills: 'Just do some of the following:- Produce a two minute video w...
Back to blogging
It has been nine years since I updated my 'About Weblogs' backgrounder page, the first draft of which was a page on a now-defunct server for a class at Emers...
A long-time science reporter wrote a questionable book on genetics. Can we trust his other work?
The case of Nicholas Wade and reporting on a lively field with a dishonorable past
The newest tool in teaching about climate change: the weatherman
A South Carolina pilot project expands
As Congress scolded him, Dr. Oz launched a magazine
The Good Life is less inflammatory than the doctor's television show, but the line between ad and editorial is murky
Narrating climate change
Incremental journalism isn't driving home the dire state of the climate to the public, so researchers and outlets are trying to reach them through a shift in...
Women science writers conference about changing the ratio
A summit last weekend presented actions to address systemic gender inequities in science journalism
The EPA goes on background, and journalists revolt
For some reporters, having the call 'on background' rather than 'on the record' meant that the material was essentially unusable
New York launches social science vertical
"Like a Jehovah's witness, if you show up at their door and say, 'Can I interest you in some behavioral economics,' they'll say no"
Climate scientist's privacy victory may prove a loss for journalists
Court ruling limits access to public information in Virginia
Walking the public opinion tightrope
Early reception of a celebrity-packed Showtime documentary demonstrates the difficulty of engaging audiences on climate change
OnEarth eliminates print
The science mag's editors say sticking to digital will allow them to devote more resources to environmental journalism
No, Ebola is not spreading to the US
Some news orgs jumped on an outbreak as a chance to spread unlikely hype
The IPCC presser was livestreamed, but those present still got the best stories
Digital connection can only get reporters so far
Polar Bears 'R' Us
The latest edition of a UN report makes a media-ready case for the imminent dangers of climate change
The banality of 'What We Know' about climate change
Can a "boring" AAAS report change the global warming conversation?
FiveThirtyEight's disappointing science section
Science journalism could use an infusion of analysis, but FiveThirtyEight isn't yet doing it rigorously or objectively
COMM 589 COMMUNICATION, CULTURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT (Formerly titled “Sustainability Communication) Spring 2014 Mondays | 8:55AM " 11...
Greenwire on Obama's Strategy to Morally Stigmatize Conservatives Who Dismiss Climate Change
Last week I spoke with Elana Schor of Greenwire about the Obama White House and Organizing for America's strategy to pre-empt efforts by conservatives to und...
American University Doctoral Students Investigate Media, Technology and Democracy
This Fall, a new cohort of 5 doctoral students will be joining the School of Communication at American University, embarking on a 3 year course of study that...
BC Canada's The Tyee Magazine on Bill McKibben and Building a Broader Climate Movement
At  The Tyee  this week, a terrific non-profit online magazine covering news, culture and solutions as they relate to British Columbia and beyond, Geof...
Why Google's Support for James Inhofe Is Not Only Morally Wrong, But Bad for Business
In 2011, as a Google Science Communication fellow, I spent several days with other scientists and academics at the company’s headquarters learning about n...
The Hill Newspaper on Obama's Climate Change Messaging
This past week at The Hill newspaper, Ben Geman analyzed President Obama's speech on climate change, highlighting remarks from environmentalists who welcome ...
Debating Bioethics Openly: Taking Advantage of Major Events to Engage the Public
In the July issue of The Scientist magazine, my colleague Declan Fahy and I contributed a commentary discussing the need for scientists and ethicists to en...
The Opponent: How Bill McKibben Changed Environmental Politics and Took on the Oil Patch
For the May/ June issue of Canada’s Policy Options magazine, I contributed an article adapted from my Spring 2013 Shorenstein Center paper examining ...
At New Scientist Magazine, Assessing the UK Government's Goal of Changing the Conversation About Food Biotechnology
At the New Scientist magazine last week, I was asked to provide an analysis of UK environment minister Owen Paterson’s announcement that his government w...
Harvard Shorenstein Paper on "Nature's Prophet: Bill McKibben as Journalist, Public Intellectual and Activist"
In a  paper released today by Harvard University , I analyze the career of writer-turned-activist Bill McKibben and his impact over the past 20 years on...